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This foundational workshop will introduce your group to the many helpful tools that improv training provides. We will explore "yes, and" and play games that develop quick-thinking skills and build community with your team.

Instructor: Chris Tiberio


Listening is a critical way we connect with one another. Whether we are getting to know a new person, having someone tell us a story, or meeting to solve a problem, we need to not only hear but understand what other people are saying. And, honestly, we aren't great at it. We misinterpret. We forget. We make people feel ignored. We are too busy thinking about what we’re going to say next. The good news is that getting better at listening is easy. We just need to turn it from passive to active. 

This workshop guides participants through activities that ensure listening is performed in a mindful way. By learning to focus attention outward, more meaning and understanding can be gained from conversations. The learned skill helps improve personal connection, patience, and collaboration. Ultimately, those that are active listeners make people feel heard, enriching their communications and leading to positive outcomes.

Instructor: Cheryl Manley



Whether you are a team leader or team player, collaborating in groups of any size for any reason can be challenging. How do you keep everyone engaged? How do you make brainstorming productive? How do you maximize the potential of your smart and talented team members? Creativity happens when we listen to what each person says, accepts each person’s input, and builds upon each person’s ideas with specificity. This is the “yes, and” principle of improv, and using a few easy-to-implement principles can improve creative collaboration.

This workshop guides participants through improv exercises that focus on the four skills of listening, accepting, adding, and being specific. The experience gained can easily be transitioned into any business, nonprofit, or creative endeavor where successful teamwork is critical to success.

Instructor: Carrie Moulder



We’ve all had a version of this dream: You are in a room full of people, all eyes are on you, and just as you open your mouth to speak… (insert your own worst-case scenario here).

Speaking in public isn't easy. When you add stage fright or cold feet, it can seem impossible. Everyone has the ability to overcome these fears.

In this workshop, we will use improv games and techniques to enhance your confidence for when the spotlight is on you. You’ll also learn a few tricks to help you get past some of the most common hiccups in public speaking. By the end of this workshop, you will have a new set of tools to help you at your next meeting, speech, or casual gathering.

Instructor: Chris Tiberio



Tension and conflict can build either walls or bridges depending on how you approach them.

This workshop guides participants through exercises to relax your defenses and enhance your empathy. By practicing the fundamental rule of improv - “yes, and” - we will develop an instinct to forward the conversation through some level of mutual understanding. We’ll practice emotion-sharing, stepping outside of our comfy boxes, and playing as a team. We will begin this workshop with a stated intention to support everyone else in the space.

Instructor: Cheryl Manley

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